“Auto-reported by Facebook”, rolls-out on Facebook Groups

FBtutorial.com — It seems the social network giant have rolled out a new reporting system called “Auto-reported by Facebook”, as witnessed in Facebook Groups; FBtutorial.com reports.
Facebook Groups Auto-reporting.
Facebook Groups Auto-reporting

We discovered (on April 26, 2016) in one of the Facebook Groups we manage, which currently has over 24K members, that a new auto-reporting feature by Facebook has been rolled out and is in effect.

Though we are not yet sure if the new automated reporting system is only enabled for Facebook Groups or site-wide. But it is a no-brainer Facebook will eventually also roll-out the feature to Facebook Pages? — For Page Admins to review and remove any disturbing content.

How Does The Auto-reported by Facebook Work?

The Auto-reported by Facebook robot works by automatically detecting and reporting disturbing and pornographic content to the administrators of a Facebook Group, so they can review and remove the violating content.

Group Administrators can also approve the automatically reported content for it to continue to display on the Group they manage; assuming the content was automatically detected in error and does not violate Facebook terms.

Below is one of the disturbing or horrific content shared on a Facebook Group we manage, which was auto-reported by Facebook.

Auto-reported by Facebook Post
Horrific content in Facebook Group auto-reported by Facebook

From our experience, when users whose account has been compromised share or post obscene pornographic content on a Facebook Group we manage, a Facebook robot automatically detects and reports the disturbing content for Group Admin to moderate.

This new feature is definitely well needed in Facebook Groups and is a time-saver. The Auto-reported by Facebook will help Group Admins better manage their community by flagging obscene contents that have become the light of the day in Group Pages.

If you own, manage or the Administrator of a Facebook Group, have you noticed or witnessed the new feature “Auto-reported by Facebook“? Share your thoughts on FBtutorial.com!

UPDATE: It is important to add that, not everyone is having a positive experience with the new “Auto-reported by Facebook” in Groups. In fact, there seem to have been more negative experience with the auto-reporting feature, which is a robot Facebook recently implemented to curb the height of obscene contents that are severely being shared in Facebook Groups by users whose account has been compromised. Read the comments below.


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