Facebook Now Requires Page Publishing Authorization by Page Owners

FBtutorial.com — Facebook is requiring people who manage high potential reach Pages to get authorized to publish as their Page. Facebook Page Publishing Authorization is said to be an effort to increase accountability of Facebook Pages.

Page publishing authorization notice
Page publishing authorization notice on Facebook

If you receive a notification from Facebook, you must get authorized by the deadline posted in the notification to continue to publish posts as your Page.

For one of our Facebook pages with high potential reach, we were giving a deadline to complete the new page publishing authorization by August 28th to continue publishing as our page.

Page Administrators who don’t complete the authorizations process before the deadline, will  have their Page’s default setting for “Posting as” and “Liking and commenting as” automatically changed from your Page to your personal profile.

You’ll know if you need to get authorized if you receive a notification from Facebook.

How to complete Facebook Page Publishing Authorization

Page publishing authorization location confirm
Confirming page publishing authorization location

To get authorized, click ‘Get Started’ from your Facebook Page. This will take you to:- Account Settings > Identity Confirmation > Page Publishing Authorization:

  1. Turn on two-factor authentication for your Facebook account.
  2. Confirm your location or turn on Location Services on your mobile device.
Page Publishing Country Location
Facebook Page Publishing Country Location

After completing this process, it will apply to all the Pages you manage.

Page owners can revisit their authorization status at any point by going to Identify Confirmation in General Account Settings.

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