How to Give Facebook Feedback about its Services — If you’re an active user of Facebook, be it for connecting with friends or for growing your business; you may have had one or two moments you really wanted to give facebook feedback about its social networking services via the platform. But, you were probably not too sure or didn’t know how to go about it.

Give Facebook Feedback
How To Give Facebook Feedback

Obviously, it is not easy to contact Facebook directly and they probably do not make it easy to find their contact information. However, it is much easier to give facebook feedback (where you don’t get a reply), compared to complaining about issues with the site via your Support Inbox (where you get direct response from facebook support).

The team have put together this Facebook tutorial as a guide for those looking to share their feedback with facebook.

How to Give Facebook Feedback about its Services

There are two types of Feedback for submitting suggestions and sharing ideas with Facebook. Feedback about a feature (ex: News Feed, Pages, groups) and Feedback for Facebook Help Center.

Feedback from Facebook Users help to constantly improve features and services on the social networking platform. Facebook says they review many of the ideas people send and use them to improve the Facebook experience for everyone.

Give facebook feedback about a feature

You can give facebook feedback about its features and services; including News Feed, Pages, and Groups, etc. Below is a screenshot of facebook feedback form for submitting feature suggestions.

Facebook Feedback Form
Facebook Feedback Form for Features

You can select from a list of Facebook products and features; including Timeline, NewsFeed, Messenger, Photos, Videos, Pages, Privacy, Games & Apps, Ads, Login, Search, Groups, Events, Gifts, Comments, Locations, Notes, and other facebook features.

Facebook Feedback Form - Products & Features
Facebook Feedback Form – Products & Features

Give facebook feedback about Help Center

Facebook’s Help Center was obviously created to provide quick answers to people who need them. You can also give facebook feedback about improving its help center, assuming you use it. Below is a screenshot of facebook feedback form for submitting suggestions for the Help Center.

Facebook Feedback Form - Help Center
Facebook Feedback Form – Help Center

How Facebook Use Your Feedback

According to its Help Center, feedback from the people who use Facebook helps with the redesigning of the company’s products, improve its policies and fix technical problems.

Here at, we also value feedback! Your collective feedback help us improve on how we provide you with help articles, news, tips and tutorials about Facebook. Feel free to suggest what to write about Facebook, by using this contact form on our website to reach us.

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