My Facebook confirmation code is not working – Please Help! — The FBtutorial team is providing answers to questions that Facebook users are having with their account. In today’s Q&A, this Facebook user is not able to get her Facebook confirmation code to work.

Facebook confirmation code not working
Facebook confirmation code not working

“hi I am trying to recover my facebook with the code Facebook had already sent me a couple of times, but code dosent work. I did verify with my phone number and email nothing is working. Why is this keep happening to my account, same thing happened a week ago and a was able to recover my facebook and now again for the second time Facebook want to confirm my identity. Please advice or provide me with codes the works.” 

Thanks – Mariah valentin

Hi Mariah,

Thank you for reaching out to the Fbtutorial team for help with your Facebook account.

The issue you are having with your Facebook is also experienced by other users as well; so you are not alone in this.

Another user who experienced similar problem with their Facebook confirmation code not working, says:

“when i try to log in i receive this message: Use a phone to verify your account. I enter my phone number and receive the confirmation code but the problem is when i put the confirmation code and press confirm, nothing happens. no redirection and the confirm button is active again, i press it again and still nothing happens”

Solution to Facebook confirmation code not working

Many users experiencing this issue all tried to verify their account using their smartphone via the Facebook app.

A working solution to Facebook confirmation code not working is to NOT use your mobile phone to verify your account. Rather, login to your Facebook using a Laptop or Desktop PC to enter your confirmation code and successfully verify your account.

Facebook confirmation code
Facebook confirmation code – Desktop

Alternatively, you can try confirming your Facebook using your mobile phone browser by going to and then your account settings at to follow the self-explanatory direction for confirming your account on mobile.

In case you are wondering what is? – It is a more sophisticated and have more features. It is a slim version of made mainly for smartphones and touch devices without an app for the specific mobile operating system. It allows viewing your feed, friends profiles, photos, commenting and managing your account just like you would on Facebook Desktop.


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