New Features in Facebook Groups, for Buying and Selling

It is called Facebook’s For Sale Groups, a new feature in Facebook Groups, to improve the way people Buy and Sell. If you are looking to create a for sale community using Facebook Groups, this informative post on was created to inform you.

Facebook Newsroom announced on February 10, 2015, a new For Sale Groups with improved features for buying and selling on the social network.

According to the feature announcement, For Sale Group members can choose the Sell feature when creating a post. They can also add a description to what they’re selling, include a price and set a pick-up/delivery location for the item.

For Sale Facebook Groups FB
For Sale Facebook Groups

Sellers can also mark posts as Available or Sold and easily view their catalog of items previously sold.

“These new features will roll out to all Facebook For Sale Groups in the coming months across iOS, Android and web. Facebook Group admins who would like to participate now can nominate their Group here.” -Facebook

Facebook also promised to continue introducing new features in the coming months to help people in the For Sale Group community easily connect, browse and search.

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