Good News: Facebook finally adds Moderator role to Groups — 😃 Good news for Facebook Users who administer Groups and have been longing for Facebook to make it possible to add Moderators to help manage their Groups. This new exciting feature Facebook Group Moderators comes after Facebook unintentionally left many users unhappy with its “auto-reported by facebook” robot that appears to be disrupting the peace in some Groups.

Facebook Groups Moderators officially announce ‘Facebook Group Moderators’.

Today (May 17, 2016), the FBtutorial team noticed Facebook have started rolling out new moderator roles to some Facebook Groups. We say ‘some’ because only Groups with less than 100 – 500 members currently have this new feature from our own experience.

All groups under management with thousands of members, are yet to have the new moderator role as at the time of this publication.

Facebook says moderators are like admins, but with limited controls. Any user you make a moderator in your group will be able to manage membership, and review posts and comments in the group.

  • There are now two roles for people who manage groups: Admins and Moderators. 😃👍

This is definitely a well needed feature in Facebook Groups, especially for those who are not comfortable giving another member administrative privilege in their group(s) . This is also one of the features we’ve long requested Facebook to consider implementing in Groups, by using the Facebook Feedback Form.

What is the difference between an admin and a moderator in a group?

The table below from Facebook Help Center, outlines the roles and what they’re able to do in Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups: Admin Roles vs Moderator Roles
Facebook Groups: Admin Roles vs Moderator Roles

Facebook Group Moderators will be able to manage membership, and review posts and comments in the group. However, they won’t be able to make another member an admin or moderator, won’t be able to remove an admin or moderator and won’t be able to edit group settings either.

We will be updating this post on Facebook Group Moderators as new information become available to us.

Meanwhile, have you noticed the new moderator feature in any of the large or small groups you manage? Share your thoughts on!


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