Tutorial: How to add milestones to your Facebook Page

FBtutorial.com — If you own or manage a Facebook Page, you should know how to add a milestone to your Facebook Page. Most people use Facebook Milestones to highlight the growth of their business page on the social network giant.
How to add milestone to Facebook Page
FBtutorial.com: How to add milestone to Facebook Page

A milestone in the context of this Facebook tutorial, can be defined as an action or event marking a significant event or stage in progressive development. Synonyms for milestone include; achievement, landmark, significant event, highlight, etc.

Milestones, according to Facebook, are a special type of Page post that let you highlight key moments on your Page’s Timeline. People use milestones to share important events that tell the story of what their Page has achieved, such as reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook.

How to add milestone to your Facebook Page

Facebook Milestone Feature
Facebook Milestone Feature

To add a milestone to your Facebook Page, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click Offer, Event + at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  2. Select Milestone
  3. Add a title, location, date and details for your milestone
  4. Click Save

According to Facebook Help Center, the earliest date a milestone can have is when your Page was created, unless you edit your Page’s start info.

To edit your Page start info, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click About below your Page’s cover photo
  2. Click Page Info in the left column
  3. Click to edit the Start Date section
  4. Select a start type and date from the drop-down menus
  5. Click Save Changes
Facebook Milestone
A screenshot of Facebook Milestone, by FBtutorial.com

As you can tell by now, the feature for adding a milestone on Facebook Pages, is not really visible by default. In fact, one of the readers of FBtutorial.com sent us a message asking how to add a milestone to their page that just hit 10,000 Likes. The Facebook User could not find the option for adding a milestone to her business page on Facebook.

It is our hope that this facebook tutorial will continue to help those who may also be having difficulties figuring out how to add a milestone to their Facebook Page.

If you have questions about how to use any of Facebook features and services, let us know in the comment section below or shoot us an email via the contact form on our website.

  • Q: Have you ever used Facebook Milestones on your Page? What achievement did you use the feature to highlight?


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