Facebook Roll-Out New Page Layout 2016. You Like?

FBtutorial.com — If you own, manage or administer a Facebook Page, have you noticed the new page layout that Facebook started rolling out June – July 2016? Share your thoughts on FBtutorial.com to let us know if you like the new facebook page look (or, not? 😒😩)!

New Facebook Page Look (June 2016)
New Facebook Page Look (July 2016) – *Visitors view of FB Tutorial Facebook Page*

The new Facebook page layout now has three columns (left, center, right). Your Page profile picture, Page name, @username, and other important links (such as: Home, Photos, About, Likes, Videos, Notes, Posts), are now to the left column.

The center column is the heart of Facebook Pages, as this is where all your posts, photos, videos and links for driving traffic to your website, are displayed.

The right column shows the category of your page, search bar, Likes, Invite friends, About info with website link, Photos thumbnails, Notes, Visitor posts, Liked by Page, *People Also Like↓.

Facebook Page New Layout 2016
Facebook Page New Layout 2016

Facebook continues to roll-out new changes and features on its social media platform this 2016 year. Some of which have been unfavorable to those who help increase engagement on the platform.

We are talking about the many active page owners, group owners, and content creators, whom Facebook may have at one point, automatically deleted their page, algorithmically decreased their Page reach, auto-suspended their account, or being auto-reported by Facebook robot in groups.

Do you like the new Page layout Facebook started rolling out late last month thru July 2016? Share your thoughts on FBtutorial.com!

Quick Notes↓:

*People Also Like: We are not really a fan of this cross-promotion scheme on Pages by Facebook. We’ve observed Facebook automatically suggest competing, irrelevant, disturbing and random pages on our own FBtutorial Page under “People Also Like”.

Liked By This Page - People Also Like
Thoughts and Issues with “People Also Like” in Facebook Pages.

If you are a webmaster, you probably already know – linking to irrelevant web pages often hurt any website’s SEO efforts. Since SEO has gone social, if Facebook continues to use your Business Page to link to irrelvant pages under “People Also Like“, what are the chances it may hurt your Page’s ranking when crawled by and indexed by web spiders / robots?

Imagine if Facebook Page owners are (optionally) allowed to use the “People Also Like” space or similar space, to promote their own service offerings, products and/or link to external sites in the form of 300×300 media banner; just like on WordPress sites–since the new FB Page Layout now feels more like a microblog[?]


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