How to make your password for Facebook strong, and stronger

Password Security: People often forget the importance of having a strong password for their online accounts (identities), be it social networking or online banking. provides tips on how to make your password for Facebook, strong, and even stronger.

How to make your Facebook password strong

An important question about password strength was answered on Facebook Help Center:

  • “What is the minimum password strength for Facebook, and how can I make my password strong?”

According to Facebook Help Center, when you create a new password for your Facebook account, make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long. Try to use a complex combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.


If you see a message letting you know the password you entered isn’t strong enough, try mixing together uppercase and lowercase letters or making the password longer.


The password you create should be easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to figure out. For extra security, your Facebook password should be different than the passwords you use to log into other accounts, like your email or bank account.

If the above recommendation by Facebook Help Center is followed, your Facebook account password will definitely be strong, and harder for anyone to easily guess. If you want to use a stronger password combination for your Facebook account, FB has a strong password generating service, and it’s totally free to use.

How to make your Facebook password stronger

Facebook Password Generator Site
Facebook Password Generator Site

To make your Facebook account stronger, you have to use a password that no one can remember; not even you! For you to make your Facebook password so strong, that even you can’t remember it; you have to use lots of complicating symbol combinations and a few numbers, of at least 11 characters of more. Absolutely, NO ALPHABETS!

On top of that, you have to change your Facebook password once every three months, this keeps the strength of your FB password updated and current with latest password-security measures!

A strong password generator site recommends, is that of FB; a free service.


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