Facebook Rolls-Out A More Engaging Look for Page Profile (2017)

FBtutorial.com  — Starting in August this 2017 year, Facebook started rolling-out changes to the shape of Page profile pictures from square to circular in News Feed and on your Page timeline. This new change is intended to make Pages look more engaging.

New Look Facebook Page Profile 2017
New Look for Facebook Page Profile 2017

According to Facebook, the larger profile photo version on your Page cover area will remain square and will not change to circular. But, who knows; that might change in the near future as well.

We noticed the new circular look just rolled-out on Facebook Pages is somewhat similar to that of FBtutorial as seen in the comment section.

How to plan ahead

If the new changes has been rolled-out on your Page, you may be introduced to a preview Facebook created to help you see how this change will look and decide whether you want to make any updates to your profile picture or not.

When it’s changing

Facebook started rolling out the changes in August, and as of the first week of September some Pages are still being converted to the new circular look, both in News Feed and Page Timeline. So far, the new look for Facebook Page Profile 2017 appears more engaging.

Why this change is happening

According to the social network giant, they are always working to make Facebook a more engaging place, and hope this change leads to more conversations with the people you want to reach.

Facebook have been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this new circular design update.

Your Feedback

What are your thoughts on the new look for Facebook Page Profile 2017? If your Page is yet to get the new look, let us know in the comments below and be sure to mention your region as well.

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