Facebook roll-out Apps for Messenger, Instagram and Facebook on Windows 10

FBtutorial.com — Good news for Windows 10 Users, as Facebook officially announce the release of apps for Messenger, Instagram and of course Facebook, for users on Windows 10.
Windows 10 Apps for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram
Apps for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on Windows 10

The new apps according to Facebook, will load quickly and easily within Windows, and has the most up-to-date features. The Facebook and Messenger apps are only for desktop computers and laptops at this time, while the Instagram app for mobile devices. There are plans to also roll-out Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows 10 Phone later this year.

Here’s how Facebook explained the benefits or purpose of each app for Windows 10 below:

Facebook app for Windows 10

Facebook App for Windows 10 Device
Facebook App for Windows 10

According to FB Newsroom, they built the new Windows 10 Facebook app so it’s fast and easy to access your favorite features. Facebook is one click away from the Start Menu, and the app starts and loads your News Feed much faster than previous Facebook desktop applications. You can stay up-to-date with Facebook through desktop notifications, and you can pin a new Facebook Live Tile which shows you the latest updates from your friends, family and Pages you follow. It’s also easy to share photos to Facebook straight from your favorite apps or File Explorer.

Live Tile with magnifying glass
Live Tile with magnifying glass

“We included the latest Facebook features in the new app, including Reactions, stickers in comments, and a right-hand column that shows birthday & event reminders, trending topics and more. We built an in-app browser to make it easier for people to read and share multiple articles from their News Feed.”

Messenger app for Windows 10

Facebook Messenger App for Windows 10 Device
Messenger App for Windows 10 Device

To keep your conversations going wherever you are, Facebook also rolled out a Messenger app. Along with many of your favorite Messenger features – like stickers, group conversations and GIFs – Messenger for Windows has native desktop notifications that make your experience richer and more complete. You also can see when you have messages waiting for you with a Live Tile.

Instagram app for Windows 10 Phone

According to Facebook Newsroom, “When we first built Instagram for Windows, we were focused on bringing the app’s core features to the Windows Phone community as quickly as possible. Today, we’re rolling out Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile with all of the community’s favorite features — including Instagram Direct, Explore and video.”

Instagram App for Windows 10 Device
Instagram App for Windows 10 Device

Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile supports Live Tiles, and shows updates right on users’ home screen.

According to FB Newsroom, Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 will both be available April 28, 2016 in the Windows Desktop App Store, and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile will be available on same day in the Windows Phone Store.

The social network giant have in their pipeline, the Windows 10 Phone Facebook and Messenger apps, to be released later this year.

App Downloads from Microsoft Store 

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