US Department of Justice issues search warrant on Anti-Trump Facebook Accounts

Facebook News — The U.S Department of Justice has obtained search warrants requesting information about thousands of people who liked Anti-Trump Facebook Pages.

DOJ vs Facebook
DOJ vs Facebook

Anti-Trump Facebook Pages

According to LawNewz, one of the three warrants was issued for the DisruptJ20 Facebook page, which helped organize protests on the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

During the three month period between November 2016 and February 2017, the DisruptJ20 Facebook page was liked by approximately 6,000 users whose identities and online activities might now be turned over to the U.S government.

DisruptJ20 Facebook page administrator Emmelia Talarico reportedly told CNN that the Trump administration would be able to access the “private lists of invitees and attendees to multiple political events sponsored by the page” if her account information is turned over.

Another two warrants could force Facebook to turn over the personal accounts of DisruptJ20 activists Lacy MacAuley and Legba Carrefour.

Information gathered from the issued warrants would include private messages, friend lists, status updates, comments, and other activity, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which filed a motion Thursday (Sept. 28) in an attempt to quash the government’s efforts.

“Opening up the entire contents of a personal Facebook page for review by the government is a gross invasion of privacy,” said Scott Michelman, Senior Staff Attorney with ACLU-DC.

The U.S Department of Justice previously tried to order a web-host provider to turn over the IP addresses of 1.3million people who visited the website, according to NYDailyNews report.

However, the Justice Department later amended the search warrant to exclude the IP addresses after the web hosting company Dream Host fought the demand in court.

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