Facebook removes option to add Milestone on Pages. Is this temporary?

FBtutorial.com — Things have changed since we posted a tutorial on how to add milestones to your Facebook Page. In fact, Facebook has removed the option to add Milestones on Pages (as of January 2017); is this temporary or permanent? The FBtutorial team looks into the issue.

Facebook Page Milestones
Facebook Page Milestones Creatives by FBtutorial.com

We’ve been getting messages regarding new changes to Facebook Page Layout, and the most recent issue is about Facebook removing the option to add Milestones to Pages.

Even on Facebook Help Community, Facebook Users are asking the same about Milestones:

  • I no longer see the option to create a milestone for my page. Has it moved?
  • I am not getting an option to add Milestone on my Page
  • I can’t find the feature to add a milestone. Is this gone?

Based on observation, it appears Facebook removed the option to add Milestones to Pages late last year (December 2016), and there’s currently no time frame on when Facebook will re-enable the popular Feature.

Milestones, according to Facebook, are a special type of Page post that let you highlight key moments on your Page’s Timeline. People use milestones to share important events that tell the story of what their Page has achieved, such as reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook.

What Facebook Team Said About Removal of Milestones on Pages

In response to inquires regarding the removal of milestones from Pages, Alex from Facebook Help Team had this to say (January 2017):

“This is a feature that we have been testing, so its presence on your Page may be intermittent. We really appreciate your feedback as we try to roll out new features to make the platform better for users and Pages. Please send your feedback directly to our product development team through this form: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/268228883256323/” (source)


Considering we observed Facebook removed the option to create milestones on Pages just last month (December 2016), the FBtutorial team at this time can only suggest that Page Owners exhibit some patience for Facebook to re-enable the feature again.

Facebook Inc. Milestones in About Page
Facebook Inc. Milestones in About Page

Note that, if you previously created or added milestone to your Facebook Page before the option was disabled, you can still view and edit your Milestone in the About section of your Page. However, you currently cannot create or add new Milestones as of January 2017.

FBtutorial.com concludes that Facebook’s removal of the option to add Milestones on Pages is temporary and not permanent.

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