Facebook removes link (Request Form) to verify Facebook Page

FBtutorial.com — Before, you could easily submit a request to Facebook using a Form in Help Center to see if your business or brand page is eligible for Facebook Verified Badge and to ultimately get your Page verified. But, Facebook has removed the form or link to verify your Facebook Page, while also simplifying the process. Read more on how to verify Facebook page on FBtutorial.com!

Facebook Page Verification - FBtutorial
Facebook Page Verification topic on FBtutorial.com

Facebook has however, simplified the process to determine if your page is eligible for the blue check mark or gray check mark and to get your Page verified.

Some Pages that represent select people, sports, media, entertainment and government Pages are the type eligible for a blue verification badge if they can prove their authenticity and meet Facebook’s requirements for having a Verified Badge.

There use to be a Form for submitting request to Facebook to see if you’re eligible for the verification badge, but Facebook has since removed the form (once located @ https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/356341591197702/)

We could imagine Facebook was getting lots of request for Page verification (an estimated 1,000+ requests per day, may be?), including requests from people and pages not eligible, to the extent they had to take down the Form and figure out how to simplify the process for blue check mark badge page verification.

The solution Facebook came up with was to automate the Eligibility process of getting your Page verified. Depending on the type of Page you create on Facebook, your page may or may not be eligible for  either a blue check mark or a gray check mark badge.

In other words, if your Facebook Page type is Local Business, Company or Organization; it can only be eligible for a gray check mark badge. However, if your page type is Celebrity (Public Figure), Sports, Media, Entertainment and Government Pages, it is only eligible for a blue check mark badge.

An additional requirement for getting your page verified (irrespective of page type), is that your Page must have a profile picture and cover photo [and is actively managed]. More on how to verify Facebook page below.

How to Get Facebook Verified Badge manually

Facebook Verified Badge
FBtutorial.com Topic on Getting Facebook Verified Badge

If you don’t see the Page Verification option in your Page’s Settings, that means your Facebook Page [page type] may not be automatically eligible for either a gray check mark or blue check mark badge. However, you may still be able to get your Facebook Page verified manually (if you think it meets eligibility requirements) by contacting Facebook Support for help.

The process of contacting Facebook Support for help may not be straight-forward and you may have to go through Facebook Support Robot first before actually reaching their Support team with a real person from Facebook.

Before contacting Facebook support for help with getting a verified badge on your Page, be sure to have every necessary documents that can be used to verify the authenticity of your Facebook Page. Business documents like D/B/A tradename registration,  USPTO Trademark(s), including a phone bill can be used to get your page verified.

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