Facebook re-enables option to create Milestones on Pages

FBtutorial.com / Facebook Page News — Good news for Facebook Page Owners, especially those who value the Milestone feature on their Pages. This is because, Facebook has re-enabled the option to create Milestones on Pages.

Facebook Page Milestones
Facebook Page Milestones Creatives by FBtutorial.com

Last month (January 2017) in response to questions received from our valuable readers, we wrote a post titled ‘Facebook removes option to add Milestone on Pages. Is this temporary?‘ — where we delved into the issue of Page Managers not being able to add new Milestones to Pages they administer.

Today (February 14) while replying to comments from one of our readers having issues with Facebook Milestones, we revisited our Pages and confirmed Facebook has re-enabled the option to add new Milestone to Pages.

This was the recent comment from one of our readers that prompted us to re-investigate the issue:

THE QUESTION: “I added milestones to a page and they were visible on the page for a long time. Suddenly they all disappeared and are now only visible in the about section. How do I fix this.” – Johan (February 14, 2017) on fbtutorial.com

  • OUR ANSWER: Milestones is currently only visible in the About section of Facebook Pages and we don’t see that changing any time soon. There is no “fix” for stuff like these as it was a decision made by Facebook and not a bug.

Milestones, according to Facebook, are a special type of Page post that let you highlight key moments on your Page’s Timeline. People use milestones to share important events that tell the story of what their Page has achieved, such as reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook.

How To Create Milestone on Facebook Page (2017) 

Creating Milestones on your Facebook Page as of 2017 is self-explanatory and that is one of the many good things about Facebook in terms of “Ease-of-Use”.

You can easily create a new milestone on Facebook with just a few clicks to highlight key moments on your Page’s About Section (previously displayed on your Page Timeline). The diagram below shows you how easy it is to “Create Milestone” on your Facebook Page in just 1-2 clicks.

Facebook Page Milestone Re-Enabled
Facebook Page Milestone Now Re-Enabled

In conclusion, the option to add new Facebook Milestones is now re-enabled and we at FBtutorial have confirmed this in all the Facebook Pages under management. If you can’t see the option to “Create Milestone” yet on your Facebook Pages, endeavor to let us know in the comment section. All the best!

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