Facebook disables Audience Network Mobile Web for Small Publishers

FBtutorial.com — Facebook have disabled Audience Network Mobile Web for Small Publishers since they began enrolling publishers of all sizes early last year (2016) in their Beta program. Publishers affected by this change were notified of the decision on January 12, 2017; FBtutorial.com reports.

Facebook Audience Network Mobile Web Beta
Facebook Audience Network Mobile Web Beta Update

In a message titled “Audience Network Mobile Web Beta Update” in the Alerts section of Facebook for Developers Dashboard, the Audience Network Team announced they are shifting focus in 2017 to a “limited set of large media companies that have provided significant value to our advertisers”.

See the message from Facebook below.


Thank you for taking part in testing the Audience Network mobile web beta. Based on the results, we’ve decided to shift the focus of the beta in 2017 to a limited set of large media companies that have provided significant value to our advertisers. As a result, we will not be able to support you going forward. Your Audience Network mobile web account will be disabled as of January 17th.

This decision is limited to the Audience Network for mobile web and does not have any impact on your ability to monetize your mobile app with Audience Network, publish or monetize content in Instant Articles, or promote that content on Facebook.

Thanks again for taking part in our beta testing. If you need assistance in off boarding from this service, please feel free to contact us via the ‘Need Help’ button on your Audience Network dashboard.


Audience Network Team 

Facebook Audience Network - Ads
Ad examples delivered by Facebook’s Audience Network on mobile app and mobile site

Recall we published a post last year that Facebook’s Audience Network for Mobile Web now open to Publishers, and successfully enrolled our website FBtutorial.com in the Beta program on May 2016—which was approved within 24 hours.

There is no telling if Facebook’s Audience Network will be successful or not, as this is a highly competitive space dominated by the likes of Google Adsense/Adwords. However, we noticed quality ads, better CTR and Fill-Rate above average, while Audience Network was enabled on our website.

  • Q: Should Facebook enable Audience Network Mobile Web for all Publishers or a limited set of large Publishers only? Share your thoughts, questions, comments and feedback on FBtutorial.com!

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