Infographic: Facebook Spent $22 Billion to Buy 14 Companies

Here is a recent infographic from, who explored Facebook’s acquisition history, and why it can be beneficial for all the companies involved. The infographic is titled Facebook’s Buying Spree: Why Facebook spent $22 billion+ on 14 Companies; and also explains how mergers work, along with other key details.

An excerpt from the infographic reads:

“Facebook is the number one social media network, but they haven’t gotten there alone. Through 42 acquisitions dating back to 2007, the company has continued to grow and profit.”

According to AdWeek, ‘a big part of that acquisition is that Facebook gets access to more users and technological innovation. In fact, the acquisitions of, Parakey, Octazen, Sharegrove and Oculus VR were primarily for technology expansion. The acquisitions of Branch, Hot Studio and FriendFeed were talent acquisitions, which brings diverse expertise to Facebook, which has undoubtedly helped its growth.’

Without further ado, below is the infographic which focuses on Facebook’s acquisition history in recent years.

Infographic: Facebook's Buying Spree
Infographic: Facebook’s Buying Spree: Why Facebook spent $22 billion+ on 14 Companies

In another post, the team will try to identify all 42 companies Facebook has reportedly acquired since inception. Including WhatsApp, Instagram, Atlas, Onavo, Oculus, Octazen, Parse, Moves, LiveRail, MobileTechnologies, and several others.

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