Facebook finally explains new “Auto-reported by Facebook” in Groups

FBtutorial.com — Since Facebook rolled out a new “Auto-reported by Facebook” in Groups sometime last month (April 2016), many Group Admins had (and are probably still having) very negative experience with the new automated reporting robot by Facebook.

Auto-reported by Facebook Robot
Auto-reported by Facebook Robot

Apparently after receiving and reviewing the many complaints Users are having with the new automated reporting tool, the social network giant finally explains how the Facebook auto-reports work in Groups, and appears to have also improved on it.

Facebook Help Center has been updated to provide Users with answers to what happens when Facebook auto-reports content in their groups.

What happens when Facebook auto-reports content in groups?

According to Facebook Help Center, when a group member posts something that might be inappropriate or offensive, group admins may automatically be notified to review and manage the post. Posts that have been auto-reported will not be shared to the group until a group admin has approved them. Group admins may also choose to delete the post and block the group member who created the post.

If a group admin approves several auto-reported posts, content will eventually stop being auto-reported.

Group Admins are advised to keep in mind that any post that has been approved by administrators may still be removed from Facebook if it is reported for going against Community Standards.

Facebook robot
Facebook robot

Heather, who admins a Group on Facebook and one of the first to share her negative experience with the new “Auto-reported by Facebook” here on FBtutorial.com, finally updated us on May 4th, she’s no longer having any issues with the Facebook Auto-Reports.

In her own words:

“The good news is that if admin allow a certain number of what we deem innocent posts, that have been auto reported by Facebook, the auto reporting by Facebook stops! We were plagued by posts being auto reported that were within standards, and let them all through to be posted and remain, on the group. We no longer get any! Woo hoo!”

The question still remain though, if this auto-reporting robot is a tool that Group Admins can’t do without, and if Facebook should allow actively moderated groups continue to manually administer their community without any automated interference from Facebook? Share your thoughts on FBtutorial.com!


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